The Never-Ending Fight for Privacy

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I recently switched my phone account to TMobile prepaid services. I liked the freedom of not being tied to a carrier and limiting my information disclosure. I did everything online. I went as far as not giving them my credit card and using a disposable visa card each time.

Everything went well my first time.

The second time, the payment page kept complaining about my disposable visa. After many tries and phone calls it worked.

My third time did not work. Frustrated, I used my standard card. TMobile placed a hold on my transaction three times in a row.

I called TMobile and they requested my birthday, my car model and year, and SSN. I complained. I got no sympathy.

At that point I had two choices. Cancel my account or handover my information. I cancelled my account.

I am so happy I use a Google Number, the abstraction allows me to change my phone service at will.