Make Learning Human

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As a teacher, your first and most important goal is to capture the attention of the listener. If you fail, nothing else will matter.

The techniques vary from speaker to speaker but invariable they comprise volume, timing, suspense, and tone. For example, a colleague once told me, “lowering your voice is like using bold on text”.

When it comes to writing, a similar process takes place. I have been reading, “Unless It Moves the Human Heart: The Craft and Art of Writing”. Much like in teaching, if we fail to make the human connection, we loose our audience.

Khan was on campus recently. In one of his answers, I heard the same argument:

I cannot understate the fact that I was making it for my cousin. The fact that I was their tutor, that I had a human connection when I was making the videos. If I were making these for Bill Gates, I would have messed up. I would have fallen into the trap of high production. I would have needed a team of script writers, a team of computer graphics engineers, and voice over actors. The output of that process looks great but but does not feel very human.

Khan Key to Success